Monday, December 17, 2012

日本を取り戻す - Take back Japan.

Here's another Liberal Democrat poster. This one features the new/old Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (top). A belligerent, right-winger and prone to historical revisionism, for all his tough talk, the last time he was Prime Minister he didn't quite last a year before quitting on the grounds of "ill-health".

The slogan reads 日本を取り戻す - Nihon wo torimodosu - "take back Japan".

日本 - Japan (see also 日本の彩 - The Colours of Japan & 日本共産党 - The Japanese Communist Party)

日 - ニチ, ジツ, ひ, ・か
sun, day
Henshall: 62

本 - ホン, もと
book, origin, true, main
Henshall: 70 

取り戻す- とりもどす - to take back; to regain; to get back; to recover

取 - シュ, と.る, と.り
take; fetch; take up
Henshall: 301

戻 - レイ, もど.す, もど.る
re-; return; revert; resume; restore; go backwards
Henshall: 1920

See also:

日本共産党 - The Japanese Communist Party

自民党 - The Liberal Democratic Party

民主党 - The Democratic Party of Japan


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