Friday, December 14, 2012

自民党 - The Liberal Democratic Party

Here's the local candidate for the Liberal Democratic Party: one Ibuki Bunmei. It looks very much like this party is due to return to power, although they will probably have to form a coalition with some of the other smaller parties.

The full name for the Liberal Democratic Party is 自由民主党 - jiyuuminshutou. You can see that written vertically in red to the left of the candidate's name. However, 自由民主党 is usually shortened to just 自民党 - jiminto - as you can see at the bottom of the poster.

自由 - じゆう - freedom, liberty

自 - ジ, シ, みずか・ら, おの・ずから, おの・ずと
Henshall: 134
由 - ユ, ユウ, ユイ, よし, よ・る
reason, means, way
Henshall: 399

民主 - みんしゅ - democracy

民 - ミン, たみ
people, nation, subjects, folk
Henshall: 590

主 - シュ, ス, めし, おも, あるじ
lord, chief, master, main thing, principal
Henshall: 299
- トウ
(political) party, faction, clique
Henshall: 946

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