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日本共産党 - The Japanese Communist Party

Here's the Japanese Communist Party campaigning on the streets of Kyoto. Kyoto has a long tradition of left-wing radical thinking, so the Communist Party actually has a fairly strong following here.

日本共産党 - Nihon Kyousantou - The Japanese Communist Party

日本 - Japan (see also 日本の彩 - The Colours of Japan)

日 - ニチ, ジツ, ひ, ・か
sun, day
Henshall: 62

本 - ホン, もと
book, origin, true, main
Henshall: 70
共産 - きょうさん - communism

共 - キョウ, とも, とも.に, -ども  
together; both; neither; all; and; alike; with
Henshall: 460

産 - サン, う.む, う.まれる, うぶ-, む.す  
products; bear; give birth; yield; childbirth; native; property
Henshall: 491

- トウ
(political) party, faction, clique
Henshall: 946

Here's a poster with the party leader, Kazuo Shii.
The slogan reads 提案し、行動する - teian shi, koudou suru - suggest and act.

提案する - ていあんする - propose, suggest

提 - テイ, チョウ, ダイ, さ.げる 
propose; take along; carry in hand
Henshall: 753

案 - アン, つくえ  
plan; suggestion; draft; ponder; fear; proposition; idea; expectation; worry; table; bench
Henshall: 223

行動する - こうどうする - act, mobilize, do 

行 - コウ, ギョウ, アン, い.く, ゆ.く, おこな.う, おこ.なう
going; journey
Henshall: 118

動 - ドウ, うご.く, うご.かす
move; motion; change; confusion; shift; shake
Henshall: 362

Here's another:

Two messages here. The longer one reads 消費税に頼らない別の道があります - shouhizei ni tayoranai betsu no michi ga arimasu - we can't depend on the consumption tax, there is another way. The smaller message reads 増税ストップ - zouzei stoppu - stop the tax increase.

消費税 -しょうひぜい - consumption tax

消 - ショウ, き.える, け.す
extinguish; blow out; turn off; neutralize; cancel
Henshall: 316

費 - ヒ, つい.やす, つい.える
expense; cost; spend; consume; waste
Henshall: 567

税 - ゼイ
tax; duty
Henshall: 727

頼る - たよる - rely on, depend on

頼 - ライ, たの.む, たの.もしい, たよ.る
trust; request
Henshall: 1889

別 - ベツ, わか.れる, わ.ける 
separate; branch off; diverge; fork; another; extra; specially
Henshall: 579

道 - ドウ, トウ, みち
path; way; street; district; journey; course; moral; teachings
Henshall: 188

増税 - ぞうぜい - tax increase

増 - ゾウ  [訓] ま.す ま.し ふ.える ふ.やす
increase; add; augment; gain; promote
Henshall: 741

See also:

自民党 - The Liberal Democratic Party

民主党 - The Democratic Party of Japan


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