Thursday, December 13, 2012

民主党 - The Democratic Party of Japan

As the election is looming I'm going to post some local political posters. First up Yuuno Megumi of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan.

The text revealing her party affiliation is in the upper right of the poster: 民主党 - minshutou - The Democratic Party.

民主 - みんしゅ - democracy

民 - ミン, たみ
people, nation, subjects, folk
Henshall: 590

主 - シュ, ス, めし, おも, あるじ
lord, chief, master, main thing, principal
Henshall: 299
- トウ
(political) party, faction, clique
Henshall: 946

Let's examine some of the other text on the poster. The red script under her chin reads 未来をつくる責任世代 - mirai wo tsukuru sekinin sedai - the generation responsible for building the future. This would be a reference to her age: 33歳 - sanjusan sai - 33 years old. Clearly they are trying to market her relative youthfulness as a plus point.

未来 - みらい - future

未 - ミ, ビ, いま・だ, ま・だ, ひつじ
not yet
Henshall: 794

来 - ライ, く・る, きた・る, きた・す
come, due, next, cause, become
Henshall: 217 

責任 - せきにん - responsibility, duty

責 - セキ, せ・める
liability, blame, condemn
Henshall: 728

任 - ニン, まか・せる, まか・す
responsibility, duty, entrust
Henshall: 764

世代 - generation, the world, the age

世 - セイ, セ, よ
generation, world, society, public
Henshall: 327  

代 - ダイ, タイ, か・わる, か・える, よ, しろ
substitute, change, generation, fee 

Henshall: 338

- サイ, セイ, とし
year-end, age, occasion, opportunity
Henshall: 1294

Beneath that we have this handful: 民主党公認/衆議院議員候補

民主党公認 - minshutou kounin - authorized by the Democratic Party.

公認 - こうにん - official recognition, authorization, license, accreditation

公 - コウ, ク, おおやけ
Henshall: 277 

認 - ニン, みと・める, したた・める
acknowledge, witness, recognize
Henshall: 952

衆議院議員候補 - shuugiin giin kouho - candidate for member of the Lower House (House of Representatives) in the National Diet. 

衆議院 - しゅうぎいん - The House of Representatives

衆 - シュウ, シュ, おお・い
the masses, populace, multitude
Henshall: 705

議 - ギ
deliberation, consultation, debate, consider
Henshall: 454

院 - イン
Henshall: 229

議員 - ぎいん - member of the Diet

員 - イン
employee, member
Henshall: 228 

候補 - こうほ - candidate, contender

候 - コウ, そうろう
climate, season, weather
Henshall: 478

- ホ, おぎな・う
supplement, supply 
Henshall: 970

And then this (in the white box): 比例代表は民主党へ~ - hirei daihyou ha minshutou he - vote for the Democratic Party in the P.R. election (the "vote for" is suggested rather than stated by the へ~). The voting system here is a little complicated, but you can read more about that on Wikipedia!

比例 - ひれい - proportion

比 - ヒ, くら・べる
compare, ratio
Henshall: 771

例 - レイ, たと・える
example, custom, usage, precedent
Henshall: 605

代表 - だいひょう - representative, representation, type, example, model

代 - see above
Henshall: 338

表 - ヒョウ, おもて, あらわ・す, あらわ・れる
surface, table, chart, diagram 
Henshall: 379

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