Thursday, November 15, 2012

お歳暮 - Year End Gifts

I spotted this one in a convenience store window:

In Japan people are already sending お歳暮 - oseibo - year end gifts. This is similar to the custom of sending. お中元 - ochuugen - Bon festival gifts, in the summer. 

Note the message at the bottom too: 12/15 (土) まで承り中! - 12/5 (do) made uketamawari chuu!  承る means to receive, take or undertake. The convenience store has a service for sending these gifts and will receive them up until December 15th.

- サイ, セイ, とし
year-end, age, occasion, opportunity
Henshall: 1294
暮 - ボ, く・れる, く・らす
livelihood, make a living, spend time
Henshall: 1789

承 - ショウ, うけたまわ・る, う・ける
acquiesce, hear, listen to, be informed, receive
Henshall: 713

From my dictionary:

(ochuugen ya oseibo no shuukan ha nakanaka sutarenai)
The custom of giving Bon gifts and Year End gifts dies hard.

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