Thursday, November 8, 2012

理容 - Barbering

理容 - riyou - means barbering or hairdressing, usually for men. A barber is 理容師 - riyoushi - and a barber's shop 理容室. - riyoushitsu.

- リ, ことわり
reason, logic, arrangement, justice
Henshall: 220

- ヨウ, い・れる
contain, form, looks
Henshall: 802

Contrast the rather tidy and sensible haircuts implied by the kanji 理容 with the word for a ladies' hairdresser's: 美容室 (biyoushitsu). This does also have the general sense of beauty parlour. These days younger men are getting their hair done at a 美容室 anyway... Some other related words:

美容 - biyou - beauty of figure or form.
美容院 - biyouin - this word also means a hairdresser's or beauty parlour.
美容師 - biyoushi - hairdresser or beautician.

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