Tuesday, October 16, 2012

日本の彩 - The Colours of Japan

日本の彩 - Nihon no irodori - the colours of Japan. This is a limited edition autumn beer, so the implication is that the 彩 referred to here are the varied colours of autumn foliage.

日 - ニチ, ジツ, ひ, ・か
sun, day
Henshall: 62

本 - ホン, もと
book, origin, true, main
Henshall: 70

彩 - サイ, いろど・る, いろど・り
colour, paint, makeup
Henshall: 1290

Here's a nice example sentence from Space ALC:

(kitsuke wo manande, mainichi no seikatsu wo irodori yutaka ni shitemasen ka)
Why not learn the art of the kimono and make your every day life rich and colorful? 〔【出典】Hiragana Times, 1996年12月号◆【出版社】株式会社ヤック企画 全文表示

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