Sunday, October 7, 2012

柚子乙女サイダー - Citrus Girl Soda

柚子乙女サイダー - yuzu otome cider - is a brand of yuzu citrus flavoured soda pop. サイダー or "cider" in Japan, bears no relation to the fermented apple beverage, but is simply a clear fizzy soda pop, rather like what we in Britain would call lemonade.

柚子 - yuzu - a species of Asiatic citron,

柚 ユ, ユウ, ジク, ゆず
Henshall: unlisted.

子 シ, ス, ツ, こ, ね
Henshall: 25

乙女 - otome - young lady, little girl, virgin, maiden, daughter

乙 オツ, イツ, おと・, きのと
the latter, second, strange, witty
Henshall: 1041

女 ジョ, ニョ, ニョウ, おんな, め
Henshall: 35

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